2ft 10in Square Plastic Top Table With Foldaway Legs


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square plastic topped folding table
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Quick Overview

Our FT-2 folding table is a super high strength and yet very lightweight option for someone that is looking for a handy and easy to use square folding table. Its metal frame allows for versatility and is suitable for many different uses. With our FT-2 it comes with drop lock hinges that make sure there are no unexpected moments.

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Product Description


Our FT-2 is a super strength and yet lightweight option for anybody looking for a handy and easy to store square folding table. It utilises a high strength metal frame which sits underneath an incredibly durable yet light weight high density plastic top. The two go together perfectly and create a robust and versatile folding table suitable for a number of uses.

This particular table has proved incredibly popular with bridge players and bridge clubs. The dimensions along with its durability and light weight make it the perfect bridge table.

In an effort to make this table a top quality product we have designed it with a number of key benefits and features.

High Quality and Tough:

We are extremely proud of our products, this means we want to guarantee that they are the best quality products on the market. We only use the strongest and most durable HDPE table tops and this table comes with corrosion resistant powder coated legs. To make our customers feel comfortable buying from us we make sure that all tables meet GB19160--2003 and EN581 standards.

Drop Lock Hinges:

To make sure that there are no unexpected and scary moments where the table inexplicably collapses we supply most of our tables with drop lock hinges. These are small rings which slide down over the leg, securing it in place whilst it is erect.

Rounded Edges and Recessed metal frame:

In an effort to make our folding tables more portable and easy to store we have given each one rounded edges. This also gives the added safety benefit of being more child friendly. Each plastic table comes with a high strength steel frame, so as to avoid damage to yourself or your clothes we have made sure that all frames are recessed into the table top keeping them out of harm’s way.

High Strength steel locking pins:

The most vulnerable and weak part of any folding table will always be the join. With this in mid we have provided all of our fold in half tables with high strength steel pins which add a great deal of strength to the table in the most crucial area.

User Friendly:

There is no assembly required with this table, simply erect the legs and it’s ready for use.

Easily Stored:

All you need to do to store this table is unfold the legs and secure them in place, it can then be stowed away where convenient or stacked on top of each other if you have more than one folding table.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use:

This square table has uses both inside and out which is why we made certain that the materials we used were up to the task and could withstand the effects of being used in the garden.

Plastic Feet:

To make sure that there is no risk to any wooden flooring, this table comes complete with four plastic feet (one on each leg). This also prevents any slippage.

Additional Information

Dimensions (erected)LXWxH: 86x86x74cm
Dimensions (folded)86x86x4.5cm
Carry HandleNo
Suitable For Outdoor UseNo
Table Top DescriptionBlow moulded, ultra-tough, high density polyethylene (HDPE) worktop. White/very light grey Smooth/extremely slight texture
Table Legs DescriptionHigh grade, corrosion resistant painted steel frames & legs. Grey
Table Loading250Kg
Table SuitabilityHeavy Domestic / Events / Catering / Rental
Table Size2ft - 3ft
Fold TypeFolding Legs
Table Top MaterialPlastic