5ft rectangular plastic table top with fold away legs

5ft (153cm) Rectangular Plastic Top Table With Fold Away Legs

5ft (153cm) Diameter Round Folding Table

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A well designed table that can be used for a wide range of occasions. Made from high strength materials and corrosion resistant steel frame. The table top itself is blow moulded and made of a high density plastic which allows for the table to be ultra-tough and durable which will allow it to be used for years to come.

D154cm x H74cm

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A superbly versatile table which can be used for a wide variety of occasions. Its superb high strength, corrosion resistant steel frame means that it can take huge spread loads whilst remaining stable. The table top itself is blow moulded and made of a high density plastic which is both ultra-tough and durable meaning it can be used for years to come and is perfectly suited for use both indoors and out. The HDPE top is also very easy to clean using normal house hold goods which means it can be kept in top condition over lengthy periods of time. What makes this table particularly useful is the fact it comes complete with a carrying handle which males it incredibly portable. This table has been carefully designed to meet our exacting specifications and has a number of key benefits and features.

High Quality and Tough:

Our furniture is guaranteed to be high quality, is made from high grade, corrosion resistant painted steel frames & legs with blow moulded, ultra-tough, high density polyethylene (HDPE) worktops. All our products meet GB19160--2003 and EN581 standards and are backed by a no quibbles money back guarantee against defects in manufacture.

Drop Lock Hinges:

The legs are held in place by drop lock hinges that use gravity to make sure the hinges cannot fold whilst the table is erected. This also adds another layer of strength to the table overall.

Rounded Edges and Recessed metal frame:

Every table has rounded profiles on the surface edges, this makes them more comfortable to manoeuvre and store. It also makes them particularly suitable for locations where young children may run into them. All of the steel frame is recessed into the mouldings leaving no sharp edges to hurt yourself on when handling and reduces risk of damage to clothes.

High Strength steel locking pins:

Steel pins are neatly stowed under the table which slide through the join of the folded tables when erected. The join of each folded table is supported by the sturdy steel frame which, together with the locking pins, delivers extraordinary strength at potentially the weakest point of any folding table.

User Friendly:

This table comes completely assembled and ready to use, all you need to do is unfold it and erect the legs and you’re away!

Easily Stored:

This table can simply be folded in half and stowed away ready for its next use. If you have multiple tables then they can be easily stacked on top of each other.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use:

Because of the high quality materials used in the manufacturing of this folding table it’s is at home both inside and out.

Plastic Feet:

Each leg comes complete with a “plastic shoe” to prevent the table from slipping on certain surfaces, the feet also offer the added benefit of preventing scratches on wood surfaces.

More Information
Dimensions (erected) D 154cm x H 74cm
Dimensions (folded) D 153cm x H 10.5cm
Carry Handle Yes
Type Table
Shape Round
Suitable For Outdoor Use Yes
Table Top Description Blow moulded, ultra-tough, high density polyethylene (HDPE) worktop. White / very light grey. Smooth / very slight texture
Table Legs Description High grade, corrosion resistant painted steel frames & legs
Table Loading 250Kg
Table Suitability Heavy Domestic / Events / Catering / Rental
Table Size 4ft - 5ft
Fold Type Fold in Half
Table Top Material Plastic
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