Folding Table Buying Advice

The most important thing to consider when deciding which table to buy is what they are going to be used for. If you are a homeowner looking for an extra table for a family gathering then your needs will be very different to a community centre looking for multiple tables


Size really does matter when it comes to tables, make sure you account for the space around the table if people are going to use it to sit at, sounds obvious but you will be surprised at the number of people that forget this little gem!As a general rule make sure you have at least 42” of space from the table to the wall or furniture to allow people to get in and out.

Also depending on the used you might have different requirements as to how much tabletop space each person will require, so take all of this into consideration before you purchase.

Think longer term as well, you may only need a table to seat 4 people today, but what about Christmas next year when you might have a requirement for a larger table? It might be worth making the investment in the larger size now.


Rectangular tables are definitely our most popular folding tables, they are easy to combine into larger square tables or put next to each other in rows, ideal for large events. Round tables are really good for smaller or awkward spaces or if you want to create a really social atmosphere as it is easy for everyone seated to speak to each other. Again it really comes back to the purpose of your tables in the first place.

We also offer square tables which are best suited to smaller table sizes, if they are too large you end up wasted space in the centre that no one can reach, this is why our square tables tend to be at the smaller end of the size scale.

Not everyone is looking for table to seat guests at and so we have thinner designed rectangular tables that are great for table sales, exhibitions and car boot sales; in fact any situation where you don’t need a person sat each side. These make it easy to interact with people stood opposite you and don’t waste space where it isn’t necessary. All of our products have handy diagrams to show you how people would best be seated if this is a concern for you.


All of our tables are of excellent quality and so as far as materials are concerned it really does depend on the look and feel that you are going for. All of our products are easy to maintain, just take a look at our care guide if you want to find out more about how to look after your table.

We sell a range of wooden, aluminium and plastic topped tables in differing sizes. We also offer a choice between those with fold under legs and those that fold completely in half.

Why not browse our range and if you have any additional questions or want advice on the best options for you, then give us a call today on 01787 275989 and we will be happy to discuss your requirements

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