Caring for Your Table

Folding tables are a great item for almost anyone, they are portable, lightweight, sturdy and can be used in a multitude of ways. However if they are not properly looked after you can end up with a less than desirable product which is no good to anyone. Below are a few tips in making sure you get the most out of your folding table and some ways you can make sure you’re not replacing it quicker than you need to:

Storing your table:

This tends to be the main selling point for a folding table, once you’ve finished with it you can simply fold it up and stash it away. However not storing your table correctly can mean you come back to it in quite a different state to how you left it.

  • Always store your table on soft ground such as carpet as this reduces the risk of the edges becoming scratched.
  • Never leave your table leaning on its corners, these can be potential weak points if they are put under too much stress, always place your table down along one of the 4 edges.
  • If you have a fold up table make sure you do fold it in half when storing. For example, don’t use the securing pins to keep the table unfolded and store it like that, this only adds extra stress to the pins and means that the table is not as stable as it should be, this increases the risk of it toppling and potentially injuring someone.
  • Try and cover your table when in storage, this helps preserve the cleanliness of your table and saves time when you next want to use it.
  • Always store your tables inside! This is a basic one but incredibly important. Most of our folding tables are suitable for use outside and will stand up to the strongest test that mother nature can throw at them but not for prolonged periods of time so always make sure that once you have finished using your folding table you store it in a dry location.

Cleaning your table:

Keeping your table clean is a great way to prolong its lifespan and it’s incredibly simple to do. If you do the following simple steps every now and again it will keep your table looking fresh and clean.

  • Fill a bucket with warm soapy water
  • Always try and use a washing up scourer as these are rough enough to get up all the dirt but they will not scratch your folding table’s surface.
  • Rinse down with clean water
  • Always make sure you dry your table thoroughly as this prevents ay moisture getting into the hinges of the table frame and potentially causing rust.

Proper storage and cleaning are the two main things you can do to prolong the lifespan of your folding table and keep it looking new however there are a couple of other points to consider

  • Do not place excessively heavy items directly in the centre of fold in half tables where possible, this puts extra strain right on the weakest section of the table.
  • Do not use wooden tables outside when it is raining or damp. All of our wooden table are treated with 6 coats of varnish but they can still be susceptible to wet and damp.

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