The Benefits of Folding Chairs

Welcome to our great range of folding chairs, they make the perfect partner to our highly rated folding tables. Our folding chairs offer many benefits and have become an important part of our range of furniture. Below are some of the key benefits our folding chairs offer.


Folding Chairs

Our folding chairs have been designed with many key points in mind, one of which is to make them as comfortable as possible. Many folding chairs you will find on the market will have either very flat or solid seated areas. Our folding chairs differ slightly as they have been ergonomically designed. For example our plastic folding chair has a curved seated area which offers maximum comfort for prolonged periods of seating. Also our wooden folding chair has a cushioned pad on the seating area.


This is another key factor in the popularity of our folding chairs. We use only the highest quality materials, in our plastic folding chairs the blow moulded plastic is a special form of HDPE which is designed to be as strong and durable as possible. And our wooden folding tables use a thicker wooden frame than many of our competitors and is also treated to prevent deterioration from the elements.

Easy storage:

This is arguably the most important factor in people’s choices to buy folding chairs over conventional styles. Space is at a premium for many people and being able to fold up chairs and store them away is a real blessing, many of our folding chairs such as the plastic FC-2 have been carefully designed to ensure they stack together in a neat and safe manner. If you are going to be moving your folding chairs around on a regular basis then you may also want to consider our chair trolleys which can be found in the trolleys section of our website.

User Friendly:

Our folding chairs are not only, well designed, durable and easy to store, they are also incredibly user friendly and easy to set up. There is no assembly required just simply remove the folding chairs from their delivery packaging and unfold, simple!

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