Aluminium Folding Tables vs Plastic Folding Tables

This is a choice that many of our customers face and we receive many enquiries from customers wanting to know which option to go for, do they chose aluminium folding tables or plastic folding tables.

Below we will outline the key features of each type of table and hopefully this will allow you to decide which type of folding table is best for you.

Plastic folding tables :

Plastic Folding Table

Plastic folding tables are our most popular type of table and it’s easy to see why. We make sure that all of our plastic folding tables come with GB19160-2003 and EN581 approval; this means you know you are receiving a top quality product which is both high quality and tough. Added to this each plastic folding table comes with high strength steel locking pins, these slide through holes in the centre of the table and add not only extra strength but also an extra safety point in the unlikely event that the table should ever develop a fault whilst in use. The steel locking pins have become a key selling point for our plastic folding tables, they started out exclusively available on our 6ft folding table but proved to be such a popular addition that we added them onto all of our fold in half tables. Both of these points give the plastic folding table its main advantage over aluminium folding tables, its strength! The main disadvantage of a plastic folding table when compared to an equivalent aluminium folding table is that it will be slightly heavier but this is to be expected as it is significantly stronger.

Aluminium folding tables :

Rectangular Folding Table

Aluminium folding tables may not be as popular as their plastic brothers but they are still one of our most favoured products and for good reason. There is one main factor which tends to be the top selling point for aluminium folding tables and this is their lightweight construction. Aluminium as a great material to use in the manufacturing of folding tables as it has a relatively high strength to weight ratio. This makes them particularly popular camping tables as they are incredibly portable! The only disadvantage to an aluminium folding table when compared to an equivalent plastic folding table is that it will be able to take slightly less weight but this is to be expected as it is significantly lighter.

We hope that the above info will help you in deciding whether to opt for plastic or aluminium folding tables, however if you do wish to obtain more info or have any questions that we have not covered then do not hesitate to call our team who will be more than happy to help.

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